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Beautifully done Pradip! You’re so talented. I’m thrilled to see you using my photographs to further your art and inspire.  please keep sharing your excellent works.

Christa Meola, Photographer & Author, New York  (USA) 

 Thank you for giving a student the art room experience that makes them run up to hug you because the art room is the best place in the world.
     I will never forget all the fun activities that you provided in our class to enhance the power of learning. I especially loved the way you taught us the real life lessons through giving examples that have allow the student always relate the lessons with real life. And yeah I also remember the punishment you used to give us but that punishment was also too important to seek something.
And I really miss your counseling lectures that used to give a moral at the end of lecture anyhow.
     I remembered the sculptures that you have made was really amazing. I just loved the way you used to taught us, punish us, love us and everything. At last Thank you for everything. 

      Prema Sau, Student, Ahmedabad (IND)


When I was looking for art teacher to my 8 years old daughter, I had reached Pradip through website. I was impressed to his profile and requested for demo class to my daughter, he took the demo class but unfortunately my daughter didn’t want to continue, when I informed same reason to him, he didn’t give up, he again arranged second demo class to my daughter with patience. Now everything is going good and my daughter is enjoying the classes. Thank you Pradip for making her understand with your teaching skill and easy steps to start good things.

Have gone through his works on his  website, blogs Its really awesome, he is  very talented and grounded person.
Wish you good luck to have bright future and Keep continue to encourage little champs with your unique talent...


BhanuPriya Pulicheri, Parent, Bangalore (IND)

To be honest you are our inspiration. You were the first teacher to be a friend with us. The way you speak a normal line it looks like a thought. You are a motivational speaker, a good teacher, the best photographer and everything you do is best. Continue everything to inspire everyone 

Janvi Hemnani, Student, Ahemedabad (IND)

I have known Pradip Chakraborty as an art teacher for my kid, he is an excellent mentor and an amazing artist, he teaches my 6 year old with utmost patience and goes down to his level to give him a clear idea of what and how his art would be. He is very talented and one can understand that by merely looking at his work.. keep up the good work !!

Sowjanya Chintada, Parent, Bangalore (IND)

One of the blessed artist you will meet . His ability to bring life to his art is commendable. He just creates magic when he transfers his artistic ability to the kids.

Johny Abraham, Teacher & Colleague, Ahmedabad (IND)

A highly passionate person with quality of patience, insight and creativity, A person who is a keen observer, Who has profound imagination's Who captures dream and give them an extraordinary appearance, Who can create something great out of anything,
Artists are outstanding creator's, The person who understands the language of emotions.
Every stroke, every expression, every movement of brush says something about the artist.
Every colour, every blend, every tone has a language that very few can understand.
Every painting conveys the personality of the artist.
An artist is called an artist because of an exceptional vision.


I dedicate my this write up to Pradip Chakraborty Sir a great artist and inspiring mentor.


Shruti Tandon Mehra, Artist & writer, Indore (IND)

Pradip Sir is indeed an excellent artist and a great mentor. With him, discussion about art have always been very profound and enriching. His ability to make one think creatively is much appreciated.

Shruti Raste, Teacher & Artist, Mumbai  (IND)

As a professional photographer myself, I have come across numerous photographers over the years. However, there are only a few whose work truly stands out to me. One such photographer is Pradip, whose fine art photography has always caught my eye.

Pradip's work is simply stunning. Each photograph he captures is a work of art in its own right. From his use of lighting and composition to his unique perspective on the world, Pradip's photography always leaves me in awe.

What I admire most about Pradip's work is his ability to capture the essence of a moment or a subject. Whether he is photographing a landscape, a person, or an object, Pradip has a way of bringing out the beauty and emotion of his subject. His photographs are not just images, but rather stories waiting to be told.

Furthermore, Pradip's dedication to his craft is truly admirable. He takes the time to understand his subjects and the message he wants to convey through his photography. His attention to detail and willingness to experiment with different techniques and styles make him a true master of his craft.

Phillip Turner, Photographer & Editor (USA)

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