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Course for Children & Adults

Regular Drawing Class: here we teach the advance  technique to draw from Photos, Objects,  Still Life & study from Life.(For both children and adults)

Advance Sketching Class: here we teach how to sketch from life, specially human & animal  movements including the  understanding of perspective for architectural and automobile sketches. (For 14 years and above) 

Regular Painting Class: here we teach step by step all the painting techniques. also we teach colour mixing, application of different mediums such as Water Colour, Acrylic, Oil Paintings etc. (For both children and adults)

Sculpting Class: here we teach students how to be come professional sculptor. we teach from basic to advance level such as  Soap Carving, Chalk Carving, Clay Modeling, Wooden Carving & Stone Carving etc.(For 14 years and above)  

Other classes: we teach some short term painting course such as folk arts,  Tanjore, Madhuban, ‎Kalamkari, ‎Rajasthani, ‎Phad, ‎Bhuj, Warli, Pattachitra,  Batik, Mural, Buddhist, ‎Egyptia, Chinese ‎fengsui & ‎African tribal Art etc.

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